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Meghan Lee Artistry specializes in photography and creative styling for entrepreneurs and artistic senior portraits by helping you playfully explore your authentic self, so you can experience the power of imagery that celebrates your personality and style.


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Photography. Makeup & Hair Design. Custom Organic Tanning.

Hey-O,  I’m Meghan but I prefer Megs!

Thanks for stopping by! My love for Art, makeup artistry and studying abroad in college beckoned me to join the photography world.

I’m a big believer that if you don’t want to do something then it should be as convenient as possible to go through with it. For example, getting your portraits taken. 90% of people dread it and I’m one of them! Having someone help you with looking your best can help with the overwhelm and that’s why I wanted to create a one-stop-shop to look your best before your portraits.

Preparation and connection are the key to great portraits. Helping you see your worth and own who you are will create an unstoppable mindset so you can be seen as genuine. Connecting with you and helping you step outside yourself can give you a glimpse of what other people see when they look at you is magic. Lets alleviate all the insecurities and self-doubt you might have about stepping in front of a camera shall we!

Watching my clients confidence blossom from the start of a session to the end is like Christmas morning to me. I love seeking out your energy and belief in yourself, it’s a natural high for me. Not to mention all the fun we have ping ponging creative ideas off each other or sharing our love for cinnamon and David Bowie.

When I’m not photographing or glamming the world I’m chasing my daughters, baking, getting my sweat on and being near water (good thing I’m a Minnesota girl)!  As a kid dressing up, putting on makeup, dancing and photographing things & people have always made me the happiest. Today I’m proud to say I’m getting to still do those things all wrapped up in one, grown up style!

I’m so excited to get to know you! Now step into my world so that I can have the pleasure in stepping into yours.


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  • Whether your story about prom is good or bad, one of them that you attended had to be memorable to some degree.

Ladies even if you don’t have a “date” or no one has asked...go with a girlfriend or heck go by yourself and meet your friends there. Don’t miss out on getting all fancy and having fun with friends, especially Seniors!
  • Prom makeup and hair bookings are underway 🌟 👗 💁‍♀️ 💄 
Let the professionals worry about your makeup and hair for the big event. Plus you get your favorite social media sharing image of your finished look, just bring your dress and we do a mini photo shoot!

DM me to sign up for your makeup and hair time slot.
  • So pumped for this years prom looks and dress trends! 
I’m hoping to see some metallic and sequin numbers!! Is it weird that I still have my prom dresses 🤓 I always loved wearing my moms mint green one around the house. 
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  • The dumb feeling... The bleachers are completely full and your friend flags you down...they’re sitting in the very middle. As you proceed awkwardly through the crowd the high school bands starts playing right in your face...dumb

You order at a restaurant for the first time and instead of saying “I’ll have a grilled cheese you say, can I have a chilled grease”....everyone proceeds to laugh 😂 
You try to do a wicked leg kick while dancing but don’t realize your dress will allow such a move and it snaps you back to the drink spilled floor... Ahhhh I love a good embarrassing story or maybe something that makes you feel awkward.

So what’s yours?

Photo cred: @jenningsphoto
  • Cruisin down the street with my 📸 🎶 
Don’t hate Nikon lovas I’ve been a Canon girl since the beginning and sometimes you just stick with what you know. Honestly, I could give a rip what brand camera you use, we all have the same common goal in the end....to create an image that has impact or can literally affect someone. Maybe it makes them feel like a saucy minx, brings them back to a special time in their life or their proud of something they accomplished. 
There’s no greater feeling then delivering or showing a client their images for the first time and having them say, “geez how am I gonna decide, I look good in all of them”! Yes, yes you do, you saucy minx 😎 🥰😘😍🧁 Photo Cred: @jenningsphoto
  • Ch ch ch changes! With the new year comes new studio hour changes. Day time hours are no longer available so I’m now opening more evening timeframes! 
Typical hours will be M-F, 5-8pm by appointment only. Saturday’s are on a case by case basis and it doesn’t hurt if you’re an AMAZING person ;) Now let’s get you looking gorgeous and picture perfect! DM for further questions or if you’d like to book your next makeup/hairstyling for your big event or include it in your next headshot or senior session!

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