What Do I Wear To My Spray Tan Session


So you’ve exfoliated, shaved and prepped your skin before your spray tan session. You have scoured the internet for the best spray tanning, and now you’re off to your scheduled session. But, chances are if it’s your first time getting a spray tan you’re probably wondering what should you wear during and after your spray tan session. For my seasoned babes, it’s always good to freshen up on what to and what not to wear before and after your spray tan session.

Think loose and comfortable. Dressing to impress is not in the spray tan category. In fact wearing something dark that you don’t care that much about is your best option.

Wear black or dark underwear

When you’re inside the babe cave, and your technician sprays on your body, some solution may spray to your underwear. Wear dark cotton underwear to avoid staining your light-colored undergarments.

Wear old underwear

No one wants a newly bought or favorite underwear to be ruined and stained by a tanning solution, so pick an underwear you’d be comfortable getting stained. Although spray tan solutions can be washed off, don’t take the risk because not all fabrics can be salvaged.

Wear a bikini or thong

If you’re a bit shy, you can wear a bikini during your appointment. Your specialist won’t judge you if you wish to not remove your clothing or your bra. Some clients leave their thongs on while some keep their underwear and some bare it all. It’s all up to you, your level of comfort level and where you want your tanlines.

Remember to use a bikini or bandeau top low enough so your tan lines won’t show. Also keep in mind that wearing bikini tops may leave strap marks on your skin.

Wear flip flops or sandals

By wearing flip flops or sandals, it keeps your feet from sweating. Tanning sweaty feet will not set the solution to your skin.

Wear your hair in a pony or bun

It’s amazing how many people will wear their hair down or leave wisps of hair on their neck or around their face. Do yourself and technician a favor and put that business up!  Utilize a headband and bobbies to help keep off your neck an away from your face if you have shorter layers. This will also help keep the solution out of your mane.

What to Avoid Wearing During a Spray Tan

Your specialists might be cringing on the inside when they find out you are wearing these. They only want what’s best for you and your tanning experience, so I have listed a few notes on what to avoid wearing during a spray tan.

Do not wear makeup

When going to your appointment, it is advised to remove any makeup. Makeup serves as a barrier between the tanning solution and your skin. Also, avoid using heavy moisturizers because it may result in your tan not setting properly.

Do not wear lotions, perfumes or deodorants

Do not use any oil-based products, lotions, and perfumes. These leave a residue on your body that will not allow the tanning solution to penetrate your skin. Although, you may lather a small amount of lotion on your kneecaps and elbows since these are the areas of the body that are extremely dry, and would appear darker than the rest of your body. The chemicals in deodorant will turn the solution green so it’s best not to wear it.

Do not use white and new underwear

We don’t want you to cry your eyes out when the new pair of bikini or lingerie you just bought got stained. Try using dark and old underwear for your session, instead. This would help you easily get rid of the clothing when the stains can’t be removed.

Do not wear accessories

Remove your wristwatch, earrings, necklaces, and piercings to avoid getting sprayed on by the solution and leaving uneven marks on your skin.

What to Wear After a Spray Tan

When you’re looking all bronzed and glowing, here are some notes you may want to know after getting your spray tan. Tanning specialists would not want you to ruin your tan right after you just got them, so follow these tips on what to wear after getting a spray tan.

Wear dark cotton loose-fitting clothes

Use dark clothing because some residue from the tan may rub off on the clothes. Although cotton fabrics can be easily washed off of stains, some fabrics don’t.

Use loose-fitting clothes that will not hug your body too tightly. You may use a loose sweatshirt and pants after your spray tan session. You can also wear skirts when it’s not raining.

For the love of god do not wear jeans, spandex yoga pants or anything that will make you sweat.

Wear a bandeau or strapless bra

Wearing a bra after a spray tan can cause marks on your skin due to the elastic pressing on your skin. To avoid these, make use of a strapless bra or a bandeau. You may also ask your specialist to help you put it on to avoid rubbing your arms and smudging the tan.

Also, do not wear your bra by clasping it in the front and rotating it in the back. This will rub off the tan on your skin.

It’s also ok to run back to your car with no bra 😉

Wear loose sleepwear to bed

Some get their spray tans before going to bed. With this, use spray tanning sheets and loose sleepwear to avoid rubbing off your tan on the bed sheet. Use loose sleepwear to avoid sweating in your sleep.

Use loose sandals or flip flops

We don’t want you to sweat and smudge your favorite or new shoes. Use flip flops or open-toed sandals to prevent your feet from sweating and the tanning solution to smudge.

What to Avoid Wearing After a Spray Tan

As much as possible, avoid wearing clothing that are tight on your skin and body for at least 24 hours after your spray tan session.

Here are the types of clothing to avoid after a spray tan session.

Do not wear tight jeans, leggings or shorts

Wearing these tight jeans and shorts will rub on your skin, thereby removing the tan on your skin and gaining thick lines all over your legs. As much as you want to wear those new and tight jeans, wait at least a day to put them on.

Do not wear heavy and fitted clothes

Wearing tight clothes would give you a hard time pulling down and up your face and body. This would result to the fabric rubbing on your tan. Tight sleeves are also a no-no, as it would rub on your arms and smear the tan in that area.

Do not wear socks

Do not wear any tight footie and trouser socks, as they would rub on your ankles leaving uneven marks on your skin.

Do not wear bras

We know it’s a bit uncomfortable not wearing a bra, but we recommend not wearing one at least four hours after your tanning session. Your bra straps will rub over your tan as you hook it in your back or as you pull it over your head. You may opt for a strapless bra, but there’s also the risk it may rub on the area, as well.

Do not wear boots, pumps and strappy sandals

We can’t overemphasize that those strappy sandals, boots, and pumps would rub your feet and ankles. It would also make you sweat on the areas of your feet, which are a big no-no.

Here’s the Deal

Achieving flawless and glowing skin does require a lot of preparation, but maintaining it is just as important. What you wear during and after your spray tan will help you achieve the glow you wish to get.

Taking note of all the tips and advice I gave you will help on your next spray tan appointment. But, also remember that comfort is always the key to an enjoyable and lasting tan.


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