What’s the Difference Between a Traditional & Rapid Tan

So what sunless tan is best for you? For most people it has to do with convenience and preference.

There are two basic tans you can receive. A traditional spray tan that sits on your skin for longer than 6 hours or a rapid/express type tan that can be rinsed off anywhere from 1-4 hours.

Rapid tans provide the same lasting tan as expected from traditional, but with the added convenience of being able to rinse off hours earlier. Rather than having to wait 8 or more hours, clients are instead able to rinse off in as little as 1 hour.

Note: Rapid tans will still continue to develop (darken slightly) and will not reach their full potential until 8-12 hours after the application. The longer the solution sits on your skin the darker you will be (1 hr = light and 4hrs = dark).

In the past decade of providing spray tans. The tan itself looks it’s very best on day 2 or 3 after application. Again, rinsing off your solution sooner does not mean your tan won’t last as long.



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