Get the perfect look for spring


1. Just like a canvas so is your face! Primer is key for an overall even makeup application and its longevity. It reduces any imperfections in the skin such as larger pores and fine lines, leaving a velvety surface for your makeup. Arbonne has a lovely pink finish that I can’t get enough of!

2. Go sheer or full coverage with Cinema Secrets creme foundation. This was applied with a beauty blender sponge, which is less porous than other cosmetic sponges leaving a flawless airbrushed finish.

3. Conceal and correct with Ben Nye’s wheel of magic! This product is great for brightening those pesky under eye circles and correcting any redness or uneven tones.

4. This illuminator is what really brings this look to life. It’s called artificial light by Smashbox. Apply this to your upper cheekbones or you can mix it with your foundation for a lit from within look. The dewy look is very innocent and spring worthy!

5. Creme blushes really give the natural look like it is coming from underneath and within the skin. Using your ring finger, apply at least two fingers away from the side of your nose and blend outward and up. This cool pink by Makeup Forever really livens things up and gives that youthful look for springtime.

6. Maybelline’s paint pots work great for an overall undertone and primer before you put on your eye shadow. This goes on like a creme but dries to a smudgeless finish and intensifies and adds shimmer to whatever shadow you desire. We used “baked gold” for this look.

7. Bring on the copper/purple accents! This MAC shadow was used in the contour and around the lash lines for an extra pop!

8. It’s not over till your lashes sing! Flirt up those lashes with 2 coats of “Lash Injection” by Too Faced.

9. Last but very not least, jazz up those lips with a kissable pink gloss. We used Lancome Juicy Tubes in a berry pink for this sassy pout. Focus on putting your gloss at the center of your lip and just a hair above your cupids bow; this gives the illusion that your lips are bigger than they are!


Well there you have it! Now go freshen up or try your version of this spring look!

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  • So sorry this is delayed but I was never alerted when you responded in the comments so I apologize! I actually don’t sell any of the products listed. I give you a link to where you can buy them. Thanks so much for following and best of luck!


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