Newborn Photography – Lena Rae

World, meet Lena Rae Jensen

This little peanut was born March 4th and a wise man once said (my grandpa) all good people have birthdays in March. I too was born in March so needless to say I love me some March babies! Little Lena was such a trooper for her first photoshoot. She was put in bowls, slingshots and buckets!



  As a new mama, photographing newborns has become a little more personal to me. There comes a newfound patience and confidence when it comes to handling and soothing them for their sessions. I feel there is an unspoken bond or connection when it comes to all mothers and I feel honored that I get to experience that with them. This new love and happiness has allowed not only myself to grow but my work as well.


“A baby fills a place in your heart you never knew was empty”

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