Teah Harris | Lakers 2016 Senior

Even though I may not know Teah like a close friend it was easy to tell that she’s a type of girl that knows what she wants and takes the steps to get there. For instance, she took it upon herself to do all the booking, emailing and scheduling details for her session (I was such a scardy cat in high school, I couldn’t even order my own pizza on the phone, no joke!).  She is one of the most mature Seniors I’ve ever met!

Teah opted for “The Model Package” as well as a custom organic spray tanning add-on. Her mom and little sister accompanied her to our first meet and greet and I can’t say enough great things about her tight knit family. Teah, her boyfriend Joe, Amy (mom),  and Samara (little sis) visited in the studio while we completed the 1st stages of hair and makeup. It’s always my favorite part to see the transformation when they look in the mirror!

Teah had a lot of different outfits that showed her range of style from sporty, casual to dressy. The one I thought was most touching was the tribute her La Crosse team gave to a teammate that passed away (blue ribbon and the students name on all the jerseys). We even snapped a few of her and her boyfriend Joe! All-in-all it was an awesome session, here are a few of my favorites!

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