The Zen in Finding your Perfect Shade of Red

Still stuck in the mindset that you can never where red lipstick? I know it’s completely terrifying if you’ve never taken the leap into the red zone but you gotta get over yourself! Anyone can wear red it’s just focusing on a few guidelines that will keep you on the right track when choosing the correct shade/tone/brightness. Your veins are a very helpful indicator on where you fall on the cool to warm spectrum. If you have blue veins you have a cool/blue undertones if you have green veins you tend to be on the warmer/olive/golden undertone side.

Adding contrast is also important when wearing a bold lip color. If you are looking for a nice contrast a good rule of  thumb is to play up 1 feature more than the other. For instance stick with a pretty neutral eye with lots of mascara and a crisp liner if you plan on unleashing the red lip tonight, it will just leave you with a nice contrast. Depending on your shade or brightness sometimes you need a little more on the eye to create more attention so the lips aren’t screaming “HEY THERE”!

Follow a few of these guidlines and you’ll be turning heads with that sexy pout or at least get you in the right direction for finding your perfect shade





-matte loves you

-corl-y reds look best with your pink undertones

-orange-peach/red will help warm you up







-true reds with blue undertones really make you pop

-cherry reds or darker berry hues

-stay away from orangey reds





MEDIUM BRONZED BABES (olive/golden undertones)


-You tend to get away with a broader range of reds (yay!)

-Cranberry reds compliment your golden undertones 

-Pink based reds are great too!









-Dark red and warm plums look great on you

-Sticking with rich burgandy and warm bricks really work well

-If you have lighter hair and darker skin orangey reds add a great pop with your golden hue








-deep blue based reds

-purplish fig hues look divine 

-stay away from anything too bright






Leave a comment below with you favorite lipstick!

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